Abe shows his anger as George fixes final presidents race

It was an afternoon to remember at Nationals Park.

The last game of the season was designated Fan Appreciation Day by the Nationals, and the 23,944 who made their way to Natstown for the rare late afternoon start got plenty to appreciate, starting with free fleece blankets and leading to perhaps a glimpse of the future: heroics by the team’s young prospects, a sweep of the New York Mets, and an unlikely playoff atmosphere.

Heading into the game, it appeared that little suspense remained in the Nationals disappointing season beyond the outcome of the 4th-inning presidents race.

Would Abe Lincoln, coming off a 5-race winning streak, extend his dominance? Would Teddy Roosevelt surprise the field, end the curse, and send Nats fans into the off season filled with hope? Or would George Washington or Thomas Jefferson emerge from the pack to break their 2nd-place tie in the final race of the year?

Abe and Tom broke out to an early lead, with Teddy trailing behind. George Washington uncharacteristically got a late start, then inexplicably ran the wrong way along the left field wall.

Abe and Tom ran neck and neck around the right field corner before realizing that the finish line had disappeared. It had been moved to the other side of the field, where George was crossing it uncontested.

As this video by YouTube member lfahome shows, Abe Lincoln was furious, and let out some of his ‘roid rage on the tarp roller in foul territory.

It’s not clear how or why the finish line moved, but it appears that only George got the memo.

If in fact George Washington fixed the race in his favor, then one would think he’d be disqualified. But as we all know, Teddy will finish the season as the only racing president to have been subject to disqualification. The fix is definitely in, but it’s all about Teddy. It’s “wait ’till next year” once again for Teddy Roosevelt fans. Here’s hoping that next season they’ll Let Teddy Win.

Final 2009 Presidents Race Standings:

Abraham Lincoln 40
George Washington 22
Thomas Jefferson 21
Teddy Roosevelt 0

Photo by Flickr user tbridge

Abe wins #40, leads presidential bunny hop

Teddy Roosevelt signs at Nationals ParkThe Let Teddy Win fans were out in force on Tuesday night to watch the Nationals win their penultimate home game of 2009.

An ABC News crew was on hand in Section 131 to document Teddy Roosevelt’s travails in the presidents race, and the Bull Moose did not disappoint (or did, as the case may be…).

Teddy maintained a slight lead through the first half of the race, but faded down the stretch, finishing a distant last as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson each helped pull Abraham Lincoln into the lead to take his 40th victory of the season. To celebrate, Abe led George and Tom in a presidential bunny hop along the first base line.

Wednesday’s season finale is being billed as Fan Appreciation Day, with free fleece blankets and countless other giveaways throughout the afternoon. Rumors are flying about the presidents race finale’. George and Tom remain tied for second place entering the game, but the real story is whether Teddy will pull out a season-closing victory.

Crowd photo courtesy of Cheryl Nichols of Nats News Network.
Race photo courtesy of Brian Mosley.

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