Season ticket holders react to the Nationals’ souvenir “commemorative” paper tickets

6 thoughts on “Season ticket holders react to the Nationals’ souvenir “commemorative” paper tickets”

  1. The way Nats management moved to the new technology demonstrated a complete lack of care for season ticket holders. It was poorly thought out, badly executed and totally thoughtless. It has completely erased my feelings for the team for now. If I could, I’d sell back my tickets.

    1. The way they respond to their seasons tickets holders is also ridiculous. I used their “new” seasons ticket exchange program. It’s been a month and noone seems to be able to tell me about my exchange. No receipt, NOTHING. I keep getting passed off from person to person. How about when they mailed my tickets to the wrong address, and then tried to make ME come pick them up and pass blame on me for “changing my address” too close to the time they’d be sending the tickets out. I should mention that my address NEVER changed…it was same address listed when I bonught the packet in October. They just sent it to a non-existent address. One of the most disorganized organizations I’ve ever worked with.

      Save yourself the hassle – just buy tickets individually. Not worth the headache.

  2. Tip of iceberg. There r so many problems with new system can’t begin to list. Poorly thought out, poorly tested and NOT about customers! All about saving costs. Do they really think everyone wants an iPhone app? Last years system was great, but this one makes it a part time job!

  3. I love the new system- get with it people. Soon all teams will be doing this. It makes is SO much easier to exchange out games and give tickets to people if you cant meet them before the game. My ticket rep is the best and they work very hard to help with anything I need. Let’s start focusing on what really matters- another great season!

    Go Nats!

  4. My account is now a mess. The internal data is not consistent. One screen says one thing (tickets distributed as intended) while others show that the tickets were not distributed and some partners are greenlighted and others not. Been on the phone four times and my account is in the queue for resolution but has not happened yet.

  5. The Nationals got too big for their britches. They need to get themselves in check before they lose even more customers.

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