Natsfest returns January 2013 at DC Convention Center

4 thoughts on “Natsfest returns January 2013 at DC Convention Center”

    1. The O’s charge $5 for kids and $10 for adults. We received 1 free ticket to O’s Fest for my son belonging to their Kids Club. Plus kids have their own autograph line (NO FEE). Which I think is a GREAT idea especially for the kids. Where are the Babe Ruths’ of today that sign for the enjoyment of seeing a kid getting their autograph on a ball or card?

  1. The end of January is definitely the right time for a winter fan fest. You want it after the winter meetings but before the players and staff start prepping for spring training. Plus the following week is Super Bowl weekend and kind of owned by football.

    As for the admission fee, I don’t have a huge problem with the $20, but was disappointed that season ticket holders no longer get free admission. With the team now a hot commodity and positioned for years of success, I imagine this is the beginning of a long slow draining of extra perks and benefits from season ticket holders.

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