Teddy Wins!

He did it!

20121003-173504.jpgWearing golden shoes he received as a gift from the #Nats in the 3rd inning, Teddy Roosevelt dodged a fake Philly Phanatic to take his first presidents race at Nationals Park.

Photos videos and all the details to follow after the game!

Update: Stuck in the rare weekday game day traffic. Thanks for all the tweets and messages. Photos, videos and full story coming soon!

12 Responses

  1. Must. Post. Video!

  2. Congratulations to all who never lost hope

  3. I’m crushed that the season finale was a day game…

  4. Here you go….

  5. Obvious collusion from the fake philly mascot. Why? Follow the money, and see which Philadelphia bookie was pushing last minute bets on Teddy. This is a presidential race! We may need an independent prosecutor to investigate.

  6. time to update the Loss-o-Meter!

  7. I guess this means that this website no longer has a purpose.

  8. Sure it does – just rename it from ‘Let Teddy Win’ to ‘Investigate Teddy’s Win.’

  9. We’ve got the video here if you want to see it! http://bit.ly/SygHzw

  10. I am waiting for the drug test results to come back until I formally celebrate.

  11. I don’t understand why they would pick a weekday day game to let him win even if its the final game of the season. They could have picked any exciting night game or big televised game…

  12. Congrats to Teddy! I’m so happy that they finally let him win! 🙂

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