Are the Nationals planning to retire Teddy Roosevelt?

11 thoughts on “Are the Nationals planning to retire Teddy Roosevelt?”

  1. Very simple:
    If President Obama wins, they replace Teddy with Bill Clinton.
    If Gov. Romney wins, they replace with Herbert Hoover.

  2. I would love to see Reagan, but not at the expense of our beloved Teddy.. Or Hoover in drag (Kind of a hogette meets Nats Park), but that’s not PC. Fingers crossed!

  3. Bill Clinton is the only choice — Everyone will know who he is — The gags are endless. Look at Jerry’s subs — I’m in for a Bubba Bobblehead.

  4. Teddy should be shut down now that he’s reached his winnings limit. Let him roam the park from here to eternity, wearing a fleece, like Strasburg.

  5. They cannot replace Teddy. If they replace him, you gotta replace the others. Would they replace Teddy on Mount Rushmore? I think not!

  6. I smell a cover-up. Teddy wins, with clear assistance from the Philadelphia mascot, and now speculation is building they will rush him into retirement? Uh huh. Conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this one.

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