Are the Nationals planning to retire Teddy Roosevelt?

Teddy Roosevelt wins his first presidents race at Nationals ParkThe National’s plan to let Teddy Roosevelt win the presidents race Wednesday was one of the most poorly kept secrets in Washington history. The team promoted the event for a week, even bought ads in the newspaper; yet many Teddy fans, having been burned in the past, remained skeptical.

However, in light of Teddy’s historic victory, must the Nats’ rumor mill be taken more seriously?

Before Wednesday’s historic race even took place, rumors were flying around Nationals Park about not just a victory for Teddy, but about the team’s plans for the 26th president after the celebration was over.

Chillin' with Teddy

Will the Nats retire Teddy?

Nobody would speak on the record, but the story was consistent from employees working all corners of the Park: The Nats would let Teddy Roosevelt win, then retire him and replace him with a new racing president in 2013 — possibly John F. Kennedy.

The first part came true. Is part two in the cards?

One fan, hearing the same rumors, has already started a Facebook campaign to keep Teddy.

Sounds downright heretical to me. In the meantime, Teddy fans are hoping to see more victories as the Nationals host their first home playoff game next Wednesday.

Speaking of retirement, one question that’s been pouring in from all corners is “What happens to” On that there is no discussion. As long as the readers keep coming, we’ll keep writing.

Scoreboard photo by reader Alfonse Mannato

11 Responses

  1. Very simple:
    If President Obama wins, they replace Teddy with Bill Clinton.
    If Gov. Romney wins, they replace with Herbert Hoover.

  2. I would love to see Reagan, but not at the expense of our beloved Teddy.. Or Hoover in drag (Kind of a hogette meets Nats Park), but that’s not PC. Fingers crossed!

  3. At least this blog would only need to drop one letter: Let Teddy In!

  4. Bill Clinton is the only choice — Everyone will know who he is — The gags are endless. Look at Jerry’s subs — I’m in for a Bubba Bobblehead.

  5. Teddy should be shut down now that he’s reached his winnings limit. Let him roam the park from here to eternity, wearing a fleece, like Strasburg.

  6. They cannot replace Teddy. If they replace him, you gotta replace the others. Would they replace Teddy on Mount Rushmore? I think not!

  7. Thanks for the mention! Lets keep teddy running for years to come!

  8. I smell a cover-up. Teddy wins, with clear assistance from the Philadelphia mascot, and now speculation is building they will rush him into retirement? Uh huh. Conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this one.

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