Nationals Park introduces the 8-pound StrasBurger

6 thoughts on “Nationals Park introduces the 8-pound StrasBurger”

  1. I know somebody who tried to eat a three pound burger once at a dive in Clearfield, Pa. called Denny’s Beer Barrell. His advice, “you really have to hate yourself.”

  2. Yeah trying to eat this yourself would be criminal. Even if the weight of the StrasBurger is barely half meat, that would still be the equivalent of 6 or 7 Ray’s Hell Burgers. Or 16 quarter pounders.

  3. i live 30 minutes from denny’s beer barrell, there food is great and the burger is awesome. i cant beat the challenge, but neither can alot of people

  4. I’m actually a Cuban American from Miami and I have no idea what the heck a Miami Cuban Dog is. I’m gonna guess swiss, mustard, and pickles on a hot dog?

  5. LOL the funny thing is that they did have an actual “Cubano” sandwich at Taste of the Majors for the last 2 seasons. It wasn’t the most authentic, but if you asked them to heat it up properly, it was one of the better sandwich options in the park. I don’t know if that will remain as a “regular” menu item. If it’s been replaced by a hot dog, that would be pretty sad.

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