R.I.P. Teddy’s Barbeque

9 thoughts on “R.I.P. Teddy’s Barbeque”

  1. That sucks! Teddy’s pulled pork sandwiches were excellent and will be missed by my entire family. 😦 Not happy either about the corporate fefferization of Nats Park.

  2. Memo to Nats FO: We’re NOT in New York!!! It’s embarrassing that we can’t be proud of our own products. Five Guys was the best ballpark burger, arguably, anywhere. And it was OURS, a DC thing. Think about fan loyalty and not your own pockets.

  3. Yech! So we bring in NY standbys and kick out DC faves? EPIC FAIL! Dumb idea and major league disklike by this fan!

    1. Update: Sorry to Susan, I was a little grumpy before. Local food businesses are being fefferized out of the ballpark, which is a shame. I prefer that Nats Park reflect D.C. and there’s already enough New York influence shoved down the throats of this country. Off my soapbox.

  4. Re: “UPDATE: …they do have the pulled pork and pulled chicken. ”

    Great news! I feel like a condemned man eating his last meal but plan on gaining, oh, 75-80 lbs. between now and June.

    Pork, pork, pork, pulled pork, pork pork. Who needs Parks Sausages? “More Teddy’s pork sandwiches, mom…please.”

    Unrelated, but are they back to using the 2006 through mid-2010 Teddy and Abe costumes? Hope so, the originals look better.

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