Fans won’t have to brave the cold for Natsfest 2011

Of all the changes the Washington Nationals are making for the 2011 season, one that die-hard fans will most immediately appreciate is Friday’s announcement that the annual NatsFest is moving to March. If you haven’t attended this fun event in the past, you can no longer use snow as an excuse. Unfortunately, you’ll now have to take a day off from work.

After another January event last year that forced fans to wait outside in snow and single digit temperatures, the team decided to move the event from a pre-spring training timeframe to March 30, just before the first game of the season. However, the event, which has always been held on a weekend, will now be on a Wednesday, forcing fans to take a day away from school or work to attend.

For a team that hasn’t nailed down its starting lineup, the March date affords the Nationals the ability to deliver on their promise of having fans interact with the current roster of players. The team promised to “engage our fans like never before.” Presumably, the spring date will allow activities to spread into the outdoors, making crowd circulation much easier.

Tickets for Natsfest remain free for season ticket holders, and additional tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids under the age of 12.

3 Responses

  1. I guess the folks in Pittsburgh, St Louis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. just must be heartier than we are.

    THis is a copout by the Nats. 26 other teams have great winter events. The Nats for the last few years have had great winter events for STH and families.

    Now the STH lunch is apparently gone, and the Fan Fest on a school/work day so most people can’t make it.

    Either someone dropped the ball or they’re being cheap. I’m wondering who they “surveyed” about the events from previous years, because I’ve been a STH since the start and I didn’t hear about a survey– did anyone else get one?

  2. I got the season ticket holder survey they did at the end of last season. Don’t recall if there were any questions on it specifically about the Winter Caravan/NatsFest. But there might have been.

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