Canine Nats fans sell out Nationals “Pups in the Park” day

6 thoughts on “Canine Nats fans sell out Nationals “Pups in the Park” day”

  1. Who does the marketing for the Nats? I get their “insider” e-mails and the first I hear of Saturday’s Pups In The Park was via the Let Teddy Win facebook message! Ironically, I’m going to the game friday night but I definitely would’ve taken my golden retriever Munson to the game Saturday as well if I had only known. I had the same issue with the Nats and this event last season. Going to buy my tickets for August right now…

  2. Travis, I don’t know when this was scheduled. The first I heard about it was within the last week or so. It’s not on the Nats promotion calendar. I will share this feedback with the marketing folks I’ve met from the team.

  3. Thanks, PRF. I noticed that this morning the August date is now sold out as well. I’m glad ya’ll posted it when you did because I got my tickets for August yesterday.

  4. Geraldine loves baseball, I brought her to the game last year and she had to sit in the car. So I next said next year, well to my surprise!
    Please find away have more four legged dog days this year. In many way they are more humane than the two legged.
    Bow wow wow wow, yippie O ki-yeah

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