Some cheers and a few jeers for the new food options at Nationals Park

9 thoughts on “Some cheers and a few jeers for the new food options at Nationals Park”

  1. My biggest complaint at Nats Park has always been the (poor) quality of service ie- everyone just standing around as the blog mentions. I really miss the folks at RFK who seemed to be busting their behinds to get the merchandise out to the customers. Are all these folks at Nats Park millenials? Hardly working instead of working hard? Really, most of them don’t seem to care a bit.

  2. Give us back the old vendors. What a disappointment! Great if you want a hot dog, but not if you want anything else. Flippin Pizza? It looked awful. The Healthy cart was there alst year and is good, but Stadium run food places are boring. I’ll either get something from Healthy Cart or at 5 Guys. Or better yet, bring my own.

  3. Yes. WHY can’t they figure out how to move people through those lines? They wait until someone gets to the front of the line, then take their order and begin preparing that ONE person’s food. There should be one person taking orders and everyone else preparing them. Oy.

  4. I have yet to try Flippin Pizza, but the Papa Johns was HORRIBLE and gave the real Papa Johns a bad name. I look forward to trying the new sponsors pizza.

  5. I am a season ticket holder and have ate at almost all of the food stands to see what works, what doesn’t, what food is worth the $$$ and what isn’t.

    I agree with everything you write especially the part about Hard Times Cafe. They advertise themselves as the “Fastest Line in the Ball Park” and they are.

    Just having the sign shows you they have a great attitude about getting you in and out. The food is decent and the Hard Times Nachos at $9.50 are enough for two and the best deal in the Park.

  6. Being forced to live on a gluten free diet, I’m glad to know the Healthy Cart is available. Now if I could just get a GF Redbridge beer thru nearby vendors instead of walking forever back to Noah’s Pretzels for the only beer I can drink, I’d really be happy. Still, it’s nice that Nats Park is trying. Thanks for the review!

  7. I had the worst food ever at Taste of the Majors. I was at the game to see the Cincinnati Reds and to eat the World Famous Cincinnati Chili. Since I am from Cincinnati, I knew what it was supposed to tast like. Well, it was the nastiest mess that should not have even been presented to a dog. I wrote and complained to the organization, but naturally they didn’t respond.

  8. Susan, sadly the Cincinnati chili at Taste of the Majors is a joke. Extra sad because the Hard Times Cafe stand has a much-closer-to-the-real-thing version of Cincinnati chili every day of the year. Note while Hard Times is both better and more authentic, let’s be honest. You aren’t going to find the true Cincinnati texture and fixins anywhere in the DC area.

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