Mark Lerner promises Teddy victory when Nats win pennant

Washington Nationals Owner Mark LernerWashington Nationals owner Mark Lerner addressed “the Teddy question” in a live chat event today hosted by

Lerner responded with unusual passion to a fan who asked whether Teddy Roosevelt’s presidents race losing streak and the team’s on-field record are inextricably tied.

“I certainly want him to become a consistent winner,” Lerner said, “I can’t address whether your theory about Teddy is right or not, but I promise you when we go to a World Series that Teddy will win one of the series races if I have to run down the competition myself.”

Of course, we’ll hold out hope that:
a) we don’t have to wait that long, and
b) if we do, well… it wont take that long!


What do you think?

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