Loverro on the Curse of Teddy Roosevelt

We’ve been saying it here for 2 seasons — the dishonor being done by the Washington Nationals to the legacy of Teddy Roosevelt has got to stop. What we didn’t realize back in 2007 was that it came along with a curse.

Are the Washington Nationals suffering from the curse of Teddy Roosevelt?But how can you deny it?

In today’s Washington Times, columnist Thom Loverro finally comes to the unfortunately simple conclusion that the Nationals are suffering from the curse of Teddy Roosevelt.

As Loverro points out, the Nationals were surprisingly respectable contenders before the live presidents race started in 2006. Since Teddy lost his first race, the team is a horrific 176-262. This is not just the record of a rebuilding team; It’s the record of a cursed franchise, snakebitten by everything from freak injuries to timely bad weather to misspelled uniforms.

If you’ve been watching the Washington Nationals closely this year, can there be any doubt that this team is cursed? It’s time to end the curse and let Teddy win!

Photo by Scott Ableman

5 Responses

  1. Wait a second…wouldn’t that also be the time since the Lerners took ownership?

  2. LET teddy win???

    Why doesnt Teddy EARN his first win??

  3. or maybe just let the “main event” drift off into the sunset?

    • Good Idea Dave! Shouldn’t the main event be the ball game?
      Teddy can’t earn his first win because he’s being paid not to win! His job is to lose the races at the last moment

  4. The Curse in question should clearly be called the “Curse of the Bull Moose”. After leaving the White House, Teddy ran for re-election as the candidate for the Bull Moose Party. He was shot by a would-be assassin on the campaign trail, but stood up and declared that it would take more than that to stop a Bull Moose. Teddy must win for the Nationals to overcome the Curse of the Bull Moose.

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