Nationals offer Teddy fans half price tickets for current Nationals homestand through 4/22

This morning the Washington Nationals offered a coupon code “for Teddy’s friends”: Order at using Coupon Code “TEDDY” and get half-price tickets in select seating sections through the remainder of the current Nationals Park homestand.

This includes today’s and tomorrow’s games vs. the Phillies, the weekend series vs. the Florida Marlins, and next week’s 3-game set vs. the Atlanta Braves ending April 22.

The coupon code may be used to get outfield box seats, outfield corner, or mezzanine seats for as low as $15.00 each.

6 Responses

  1. just tried to do this for Wed game on 22nd…didn’t work!

  2. It works. Use coupon code TEDDY and it narrows the choices down to only the outfield box, mezzanine, and corner sections, with prices cut in half.

  3. Nats box office says coupon code is actually NATSFRIENDS, and it isn’t good for the Marlins series.

  4. Maybe the box office wasn’t informed, but go to The coupon code TEDDY works for all three series, but ONLY on seats in outfield box, mezzanine, and corner sections.

  5. I tried to use TEDDY and nothing appeared when i selected the Right/Left Mezzanine. Does that mean the code is done? The outfield box and corner weren’t listed as options.


  6. I can’t explain why some people are having trouble. I just checked and was able to select outfield mezzanine seats for today’s game at $15 each. Make sure you select the number of seats before hitting “continue.”

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