Best Blogs in Washington?

Washingtonian Magazine named Let Teddy Win one of Washingtons Best BlogsTraveling last week before the season started, I pulled the Washingtonian Magazine I’d grabbed out of my bag, and was surprised to see a write-up of our little blog at in an article titled Can’t Miss Clicks: The Best Blogs in Washington.

I was extremely flattered, of course; but saddened at the same time. Of the eight sports blogs that made the Washingtonian’s list, this was the only one devoted to the Nationals. And we’re obviously a novelty pick. Nobody comes here for coverage of the team.

What’s it going to take to get the Nationals some respect?

Here’s the truth: The best sports bloggers in DC are focused on the Nationals, and many are worthy of your bookmarks. Yesterday the DC Pro Sports Report published its Nationals Blog Review for 2009, and the list just gets more impressive every year. More than 30 bloggers receive detailed reviews, and given how young the team is, it’s remarkable how many are extremely active and well-written.

It would be nice if I’m still on the Washingtonian’s list next year, but here’s hoping they and the other local media start recognizing that we have a real baseball team with tons of real fans here in DC.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out. We plan to release the updates to the Blog review for the Redskins, Nationals, Caps, and Wizards at the start of each of their seasons. You all have a great, great blog here and we enjoy it! Your rating is well deserved!

  2. Congratulations!

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