Toe-to-Toe with Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Stan Kasten at first-ever NatsFest

2 thoughts on “Toe-to-Toe with Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Stan Kasten at first-ever NatsFest”

  1. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for asking the most important question of the day!! (I was sitting right behind you cheering when you introduced yourself to Stan).

    I have my Teddy tote, t-shirts and bumper sticker. They certainly bring smiles to other fans at the ballpark.

    Here’s to a great season!!

  2. Hello! It was great to see you at the Fan Fest (I hesitate to type NatsFest, because my friends in the Washington Baseball Historical Society, guys who kept the faint flame of hope for the national pastime in the nation’s capital alive for 33 long years, used that term back into the 90’s. Those great get-togethers always had some old Washington Senators there, my old heroes, whom I wished had been there yesterday. Some are too old to travel, some have passed on (Lee Maye, Eddie Brinkman, Ted Williams, Sid Hudson, Mickey Vernon), but some, like Dick Bosman, Del Unser and Darold Knowles might have come – but, ah, it’s but a quibble. The Nats Fest (there I’ve typed it) was wonderful.

    (p.s. I’m the guy writing the book “A Whole New Ballgame: the 1969 Washington Senators”, due out this spring from Pocol Press).

    p.p.s. Please keep writing. I enjoy all the Nats blogs from our passionate fans!

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