A Well-Traveled Teddy Roosevelt Bobblehead Doll

Phil's photoset on flickrOne of the regular contributors to the Nationals Presidents Race group on photo sharing site Flickr is Arlington native Phil Yabut, a frequent visitor to Nationals Park who goes by the name philliefan99.

I recently met Phil on Teddy’s T-Shirt Tuesday at Nationals Park, and despite his unfortunate handle, this Arlington resident is obviously fond of the Washington Nationals and our favorite 4th-inning distraction. In fact, a trip through Phil’s photostream might even lead the most die-hard of Nationals presidents race fans to forgive his Phillie-fan origins.

Phil's photoset on flickrRecently, Phil has begun taking his Teddy Roosevelt Bobblehead doll from last season at RFK Stadium and photographing it wherever he goes. Teddy’s adventures are being chronicled in a photoset called Teddy’s Travels and Travails.

Check it out. Among other things, you’ll find bobblehead Teddy dining out, riding the Metro, visiting Independence Hall, catching some sun at the beach, and of course attending a Nats game, all captured with Phil’s Pentax camera in some very humorous compositions. It’s highly entertaining and creative, and well, frankly I wish I’d thought of it myself!

3 Responses

  1. That was wonderful – thanks for sharing, philliefan99!

  2. What does a girl have to do to get her hands on the Presidents bobblehead? I’ve missed my chances at the games, but seeing yours all around town is making me jealous!

  3. I think ebay may be your only option.

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