Presidents Race Panther Attack Video

Thanks to scubasteveo887 for this new video of Thursday night’s presidents race from Nationals Park, in which a panther attacked Teddy Roosevelt during a wild game between the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals.

Digg ThisHoping to see your video soon from PNC Park in Pittsburgh, where the racing presidents were scheduled to appear tonight with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ racing pierogies.

2 Responses

  1. Why the Panther? Cougar?

    Maybe the big cat is actually a cougar, and he is seeking revenge for the 1919 incident where Teddy leapt into a pack of dogs to kill a cougar with a knife. As he wrote in a letter to his son:

    “I ran in and stabbed him behind the shoulder, thrusting the knife you loaned me right into his heart. I have always wished to kill a cougar as I did this one, with dogs and the knife.”

    Teddy’s cabinet presented him with a “Stalking Panther” sculpture upon leaving office, and Teddy used the design for the cover of a book he wrote.

  2. Great observations. I did not know about the Teddy Roosevelt and the “stalking panther.”

    Now we just need an explanation for the banana in pajamas…

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