Will Hurricane Teddy Hit Nationals Park?

Hurricane Teddy ?With tropical storm Arthur having already kicked off the 2008 storm season, the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center last week boosted it’s official prediction for 2008, suggesting we could get 16 named storms this year.

Alert presidents race fan Marty Humm points out that the 2008 storm name
puts us dangerously close to
having a Hurricane Teddy as the end
of the baseball season approaches in late September.

National Hurricane Center 2008 Storm Names

1. Arthur         6. Fay         11. Kyle         16. Paloma
2. Bertha         7. Gustav         12. Laura         17. Rene
3. Cristobal         8. Hanna         13. Marco         18. Sally
4. Dolly         9. Ike         14. Nana         19. Teddy
5. Edouard         10. Josephine         15. Omar         20. Vicky

Digg ThisIf the Washington Nationals’ season so far is any indication, it will
indeed be a stormy year. We can only hope Hurricane Teddy shows
the same knack for fizzling out as his racing president namesake.

2 Responses

  1. Nice photoshop! Very creative.

  2. assholes you fucking assholes you have no sense

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