Nationals T-Shirt Tuesday Schedule Set

5 thoughts on “Nationals T-Shirt Tuesday Schedule Set”

  1. Thanks for letting me know the t-shirt dates.

    I got the GW and TJ, and reserved tickets for Abe and Teddy. Where is the LET TEDDY WIN section of Nationals Stadium? I need to swing by there some time and help the section.

  2. Wouldn’t that be great? I think we need a little more momentum to build that up. Suggestions welcome!

    I have been heading down the aisle by section 127 (near the finish line behind the home dugout) to cheer during the race. The presidents used to go up the aisle by section 127 after the race but MLB made them stop because it was causing the game to be delayed by something like 15 extra seconds. Now they stop and turn around right after crossing the finish line.

    My son and I will be there tonight and Sunday. If you see us with our Teddy signs, please stop us and say hello!

  3. Anyone have a TJ shirt they don’t want, or would give/sell me?? I have a GW and want the whole collection but missed getting one on Tuesday. Anybody?

  4. I am pretty desperately looking for a George t-shirt to use as a gift for my three year old for a Christmas gift (to convert to a shirt that he can actually wear!)!!! Rachel, if you somehow see this, we would be happy to trade for a Tom shirt or for a “now this is a presidential race” shirt (featuring all four presidents). Anyone?

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