Since When Was Cheering Unprofessional?

New York Mets losing pitcher Nelson Figueroa, after last night’s 10-4 defeat at the hands of the Washington Nationals, called the Nationals players — led by Elijah Dukes — “truly unprofessional” for cheering loudly from the visitor’s dugout at Shea Stadium.

“They were cheerleading in the dugout like a bunch of softball girls,” Figueroa, said. “I take huge offense to that. If that’s what a last-place team needs to do to fire themselves up, so be it. I think you need to show a little bit more class, a little bit more professionalism. They won tonight, but again, in the long run, they are who they are.”

Yes Nelson, and the Mets have reminded us who they are as well. Last off-season, Lastings Milledge was run out of town by his Mets teammates for such unprofessional behavior as high-fiving after making a big play. I think I’ll take a team full of young, enthusiastic players who never quit when they’re down over a bunch of overpaid underachievers who choke in the stretch and point fingers afterwards.

Am I wrong? Since when was cheering for your team unprofessional?

Photo by flickr user tagvestibule

4 Responses

  1. Whatever happened to the guy who threw the Marlin’s home run ball back onto the field at the May 10 game? Did they really kick him out?

  2. Yes they did. I had planned to discuss that in a future post. I think it’s wrong.

  3. I was at the park when this happened and I found it very strange that they threw the gentleman out.

    This is a time honored tradition at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The Umpires expect it to happen there.

    At least the fans cheered for him as he left the ball park. I’d buy the guy a beer in a heartbeat.

    Nationals need to change their ejection rules for this one.

  4. Wow, that’s seriously uncool. Seems like they’ve completely missed the spirit of the rules on this one. I wonder if there’s a way to figure out who that was.

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