What’s the Strangest Thing You Saw on Opening Day at Nationals Park?

5 thoughts on “What’s the Strangest Thing You Saw on Opening Day at Nationals Park?”

  1. I arrived at Nationals Park via Metro. When I emerged from the Navy Yard Metro escalator the first thing I saw was a large headed, six foot papier mache President Bush standing there wearing prison clothes. At that point I realized that I had not thought about protestors at the game … and why not? It is Washington after all.

  2. I sat 5 seats away from one of the GEICO Cavemen, who ended up running with the Presidents in the RIGGED-AGAINST-TEDDY “race.” The Caveman was unaware that I had a gorilla suit in a bag with me. When he came back in the 7th inning, he saw the gorilla and waved me over to pose for photos with him. He really wanted to get us both on the giant HD scoreboard. He left and a cameraman showed up later, immortalizing that gorilla, on the largest screen in MLB.

  3. The first bathroom stall I used had no toilet paper dispenser, which was weird. They are so huge and bright blue I don’t know how the inspection people missed it!

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