Music at Nationals Park – Song Results Are In!

Chuck Brown will be played after any Nationals player hits a home runThe Nationals asked and you voted. Here are the songs that will be played at Nationals Park home games starting with tomorrow’s exhibition game against the Baltimore Orioles.

At the 7th Inning Stretch
(after Take Me Out to the Ball Game)
Shout by Otis Day and the Knights

After a Nationals Home Run
Bustin’ Loose by DC native Chuck Brown (pictured)

After a Nationals Win
Beautiful Day by U2

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m particularly disappointed by the first choice, but not surprised. If you put this to an internet vote, the winner is going to be a song that everybody knows, not a song that’s more appropriate. Let’s hope the team finds a role for You Gotta Have Heart elsewhere in the new stadium traditions.

Photo of Chuck Brown by flickr user svetlana80

4 Responses

  1. I’m with you. I’d have prefered Heart to Shout. Doesn’t every other MLB team use Shout?

    I’m really glad that they went with Chuck for the HRs.

  2. C, if they don’t, it sure feels as if they do. It’s not that Shout is a bad song, it’s that we need to create some traditions that are A) unique to DC, and B) not stealable by other teams. That’s why we love our presidents race!!

  3. What song do they play during the Presidents Race?

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