Join the Nationals Ceremonial Ball Walk and Get Tickets to the First Game at Nationals Park

Washington Nationals flagship radio station WWWT (Washington Post Radio 1500 AM / 107.7 FM) is hosting a promotional event next Friday morning March 28 in which WWWT personality Nigel will be joined by a group of Nationals fans to walk the ceremonial first game baseball three miles from RFK Stadium to the new Nationals Park.

The station has announced that the first 100 people to register and complete the walk will get two tickets to the next day’s exhibition game against the Baltimore Orioles. Saturday’s game will be the first ever played by the team at Nationals Park, but tickets are not open to the general public.

This has made these somewhat of a hot commodity, though not impossible to get, having been selling on ebay in the range of $50 to $125 each.

The game against the Orioles was planned as both a “dry run” for the stadium crew and vendors, as well as a reward for the thousands of people who had a hand in building the new Nationals Park. Tickets were distributed to a limited number of guests, with the intention of only partially filling the stands.

The walk is scheduled to begin at (gulp) 7:00am on Friday. Tickets will be awarded to “the first 100 people to show up and register,” though completing the walk is a prerequisite for getting the tickets. It’s hard to say whether you’ll have to show up extra early to qualify. A lot depends on how much they plan to promote this on the radio in the next week (my guess is a lot). Details at

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