Is there a legal remedy to Let Teddy Win?

This morning WTOP radio’s Brennan Haselton raises a critical question for the Let Teddy Win movement in advance of today’s home opener: Does Teddy have a legal remedy vs. the Nationals?

Haselton features input from WTOP Capitol Hill correspondent Dave McConnell and American University law professor Stephen Vladeck, among others. “Teddy really is a victim here,” Vladeck proposes, “and the question is why can’t the law provide him with a remedy?”

It’s a fascinating question and a great piece of journalism, so I’ll even forgive Haselton for getting Teddy’s loss count wrong. After all, Teddy’s streak could end today. Listen Now.

UPDATE: Haselton’s feature was awarded the DC Society of Professional Journalists Award for Best Radio Feature of the year, with the Judge’s Comment: “Haselton telescopes humor, history, baseball and politics into must-listen radio. The kind of audio treat that brings smiles.”

WTOP radio covers Teddy’s plight

Many people have asked today about the feature that ran this morning on DC’s WTOP radio in which Jim Riggleman was interviewed about the plight of Teddy Roosevelt.

If you missed it, you can listen here courtesy of WTOP.

UPDATE: A much lengthier piece ran later, and we will post the link to that as soon as it’s available.

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