Teddy races on a unicycle, loses lead quickly

Washington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt races on a unicycleThe largest crowd in Nationals Park history was on hand Tuesday night for the opener of the Washington Nationals first home series against the Boston Red Sox.

The variety of Red Sox paraphernalia on display suggested that many were going to see their first Washington Nationals presidents race, and Teddy Roosevelt — always the showman — set out to make an impression.

Abe Lincoln wins the Washington Nationals presidents race.When the 4th inning race began, Teddy dashed out and hopped aboard a unicycle. Whether our #26 thought this would help him win the race is hard to say, but he gave it a valiant effort before falling quickly behind the other racing presidents.

Teddy gave up on the unicycle about half-way through the race, but it was far too late to catch up to Abe Lincoln, who has now won four of the last 5 races to take a commanding lead in the season standings.

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