Racing presidents at the White House Easter Egg Roll

Washington Nationals racing presidents at the White House Easter Egg roll with Al Roker

Al Roker on this morning's Today Show with Teddy and the racing presidents (among others)

One reason the role of Nationals racing president is so highly coveted is the opportunities it presents to appear around Washington, particularly in an election year such as this.

This morning, the presidents made their annual appearance at the White House Easter Egg Roll, and joined Al Roker on The Today Show with an assortment of costumed characters also in attendance.

One drawback of being 10 feet tall: They always make you stand in the back row for photos.

PhotoThe Today Show

Video: Let Teddy Win on The Today Show

Alert YouTube member lfahome spotted and captured his own video being featured during Len Berman’s “Spanning the World” segment on this morning’s Today Show on NBC.

The video includes the Let Teddy Win contingent cheering Teddy during his June 1 disqualification for riding a Segway.

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