New Washington Nationals Season Ticket Partner Zone

I was intrigued by the Washington Nationals’ announcement today of the new Season Ticket Partner Zone, a matchmaking service where Nats fans looking to share their season tickets or join a current season ticket group can find each other based on factors such as number of games and desired seating location.

Washington Nationals Season Ticket Partner Zone

It’s a great idea that needs some work. For example, people searching for tickets must select the exact same criteria as people posting tickets. It would be nice if I could search on a range of criteria, such as seating section (instead of one section at a time) or number of games available (instead of picking a specific number). I also find it strange that the minimum number of seats you can post or search for is fourteen.

Obviously, with great seats having been available at the last minute throughout the 2008 season, plus the worst record in baseball and the economy in historically bad shape, the Nationals are worried about losing season ticket sales heading into 2009.
The Partner Zone may help, but as of the moment it’s pretty empty. Among my circle of season ticket holder friends, I know more people who are not renewing than plan to renew (in fact, my own group in section 128 is falling apart, and I’m debating whether to rebuild it or join another group).

Do you share season tickets? Have you had trouble keeping your group together for 2009? Will you use the Partner Zone?

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