Video: Racing presidents moonwalk in tinfoil helmets for visiting astronaut Kjell Lindgren

Astronaut presidents raceAstronaut Kjell Lindgren WashingtonPresidents race moonwalkIn his recent 5 month stint aboard the International Space Station, astronaut Kjell Lindgren likely never saw anything as alien-looking as the sight that greeted him at the presidents race finish line Tuesday night at Nationals Park.

Lindgren is in D.C. this week to speak about his mission and promote space travel to the next generation of astronauts, so there he was in the fourth inning, holding the Nationals’ presidents race finish line tape along the first base line.

What emerged from the centerfield gate caused more than a few fans to wonder what was going on: six giant figures running around the warning track with their heads wrapped in aluminum foil.

“It looks like they’ve all made their own space helmets,” explained Nationals Park PA announcer Jerome Hruska as the presidents dashed toward Lindgren. “They’re headed into the right field corner, and we’re not entirely sure who’s who!”

Then, just before hitting the tape, they all stopped, turned around, and began moon walking to the finish line. Video below.

Bill Taft Astronaut

Racing “Astronaut” William Howard Taft

Kjell Lindgren Washington

Astronaut Kjell Lindgren is greeted at the finish line by racing president William Howard Taft

Video for by lfahome
Finish line photo by Denise Kloke

Teddy ignores Michael Jackson’s advice

Michael Jackson died just hours before the Nationals’ last home game on June 25, so Friday night was the racing presidents’ first opportunity to pay tribute to the late King of Pop.

Instead of racing to the usual stable of songs (are we done yet with “I Ran” by A Flock of Seagulls?), the Nationals racing presidents came out of the gate to the sound of “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson. Each wore black shoes and a white glove.

Unfortunately, Teddy Roosevelt failed to heed Jackson’s advice and stopped — to dance.

Thomas Jefferson waited till he got enough, running away with the contest, and then doing a moonwalk in celebration!

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