Video: Teddy fails to win at retirement community in final pre-season warmup

Nationals Racing Presidents visit the Greenspring Retirement CommunityNationals Racing Presidents visit the Greenspring Retirement CommunityIn a warm-up for Thursday’s home season opener at Nationals Park, Nationals racing presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt ran a presidents race for residents Wednesday at the Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, Virginia.

While the residents enjoyed their lunch, George, Tom, and Teddy shot a few rounds of billiards, posed for pictures with the residents, and set up a makeshift course around the facility’s rec room, running what may have been the first presidents race indoor heat.

Abe Lincoln failed to make the appearance, but the absence of his chief nemesis proved no help to Roosevelt, who was clearly saving his energy for the official 2012 campaign.

Photos and video courtesy of the Washington Nationals

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