Video: Samurai takes out Washington, Jefferson

Presidents Race Samurai - Nationals ParkSamurai in the Nationals Park Presidents Race - Photo by Cheryl NicholsDominique Dawes and Rocky MacIntoshIn the real-life obstacle course that has become the Washington Nationals’ presidents race, it’s hard to be surprised by anything anymore.

So in the middle of the race Wednesday night, with Thomas Jefferson in the lead, he couldn’t have been surprised when the bullpen door opened and a Samurai warrior emerged to chase him down.

The black-clad Samurai tackled Jefferson with ease, then hopped up to pursue and take out George Washington, who’d been following close behind.

In the subsequent footrace to the finish, Teddy Roosevelt had no chance, and Abe Lincoln took the win.

Also on hand for tonight’s race were special celebrity guest finish line holders Dominique Dawes and Rocky McIntosh.

Yes, the presidents race has become a celebrity draw, akin to throwing out the first pitch. Here’s hoping we see more local celebs holding the finish line at Nationals Park.

Video by YouTube member lfahome
Samurai photo by Cheryl Nichols/Nats News Network

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