Teddy’s shark attack targeted Terry Francona

Shame on me for missing this one, but Sunday’s Shark attack by Teddy Roosevelt was more than just a celebration of Shark Week.

Washington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt celebrates Shark Week - Photo by Cheryl NicholsAs Dan Steinberg pointed out in the outstanding DC Sports Bog, there was a Boston Red Sox cap stuck in Teddy’s teeth.

The cap was a swipe at Red Sox manager Terry Francona, who had taken his own swipe at Nationals fans and the presidents race during a conversation with reporters. “We don’t need to have president races or mustard racing ketchup”, he said. “Our fans like our baseball, and I actually really think that’s cool. Nothing against mustard.”

Funny. When I visited last summer, Fenway felt like a giant after-work happy hour, they played a watered-down version of baseball with a DH, tossed beach balls in the stands, and fans poured out early because the team was losing.

Photo by Cheryl Nichols/Nats News Network

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