Is there a legal remedy to Let Teddy Win?

This morning WTOP radio’s Brennan Haselton raises a critical question for the Let Teddy Win movement in advance of today’s home opener: Does Teddy have a legal remedy vs. the Nationals?

Haselton features input from WTOP Capitol Hill correspondent Dave McConnell and American University law professor Stephen Vladeck, among others. “Teddy really is a victim here,” Vladeck proposes, “and the question is why can’t the law provide him with a remedy?”

It’s a fascinating question and a great piece of journalism, so I’ll even forgive Haselton for getting Teddy’s loss count wrong. After all, Teddy’s streak could end today. Listen Now.

UPDATE: Haselton’s feature was awarded the DC Society of Professional Journalists Award for Best Radio Feature of the year, with the Judge’s Comment: “Haselton telescopes humor, history, baseball and politics into must-listen radio. The kind of audio treat that brings smiles.”

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