3 Videos: Teddy Roosevelt levels Pittsburgh Pierogie Potato Pete

By now it’s well known that Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt has a history with Pittsburgh Pirates Racing Pierogie Potato Pete, dating back to a 2009 incident that ESPN SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt called “the greatest highlight I’ve ever seen.” On Friday night at Nationals Park, the Pirates returned with the Pierogies, and The […]

ESPN Video: Teddy Roosevelt undone at PNC Park by selfie with racing pierogie Potato Pete

Confrontations between the Nats’ racing presidents and the Pittsburgh Pirates’ racing pierogies tend to attract national media attention, and Friday night was no exception. At PNC Park, fan favorite Pierogie Potato Pete came out of retirement once again to play a trick on the visiting Teddy Roosevelt. For a moment, Potato Pete’s surprise appearance looked […]

Video: Teddy Roosevelt tackles Pittsburgh racing pierogie Potato Pete, avenging 2009 incident

Revenge was a long time coming, but Teddy Roosevelt finally got even. The Bull Moose lived up to his promise from the night before, as the Pittsburgh Pirates racing pierogies brought Potato Pete out of retirement for one more race at Nationals Park. Longtime Teddy fans are still haunted by the vicious  hit Teddy took […]

Video: Pittsburgh’s Potato Pete returns. Teddy Roosevelt vows revenge. This could be fun.

It’s been nearly three years since retired racing pierogie Potato Pete leveled Teddy Roosevelt at PNC Park.  The 2009 incident that wouldn’t die was celebrated on ESPN’s Sportscenter and nominated for a “This Year in Baseball Award”. With Potato Pete officially retired, our favorite racing president never got a shot at revenge. For TR, the wound obviously remains […]

2015 Results & Highlights

Washington Nationals Racing Presidents complete race-by-race presidents race standings

Video: Racing presidents’ Secret Service protection knocks out Pittsburgh’s visiting pierogies

Saturday’s sellout crowd of over 41,000 will forever remember being witness to Max Scherzer’s near-perfect no-hitter — a performance so dominant that it’s easy to forget the “supporting cast” that made the victory possible: the big RBIs from Tyler Moore, the towering Bryce Harper home run, the spectacular defense by Danny Espinosa and Michael Taylor. […]

Video: Taft teams with Pittsburgh racing pierogies to attack fellow presidents

For those who ever wondered whether racing president William Howard Taft was loyal to the home team, any doubt was removed Friday night at Nationals Park. With the Pittsburgh Pirates in town, Taft missed the start of the fourth inning presidents race, instead waiting near the finish line to wave in an onslaught of racing […]

2014 Results & Highlights

2014 Presidents Race Final Standings* #26 Teddy Roosevelt  29 #16 Abraham Lincoln  25 #27 William Howard Taft  12 #3 Thomas Jefferson  11 #1 George Washington  10 *Includes 3 postseason races The 2014 season got off to an exciting start as Teddy Roosevelt won on opening day. It was the first time Teddy ever held the […]

Videos: Teddy ambushes Pittsburgh’s Pierogies, who return the favor

Pittsburgh’s racing pierogies and Washington’s racing presidents have a history of bad blood, including most famously a vicious hit on Teddy Roosevelt by the retired Potato Pete at PNC Park, and one of only two instances in history when the presidents race was sabotaged by a non-president. On Monday night the pierogies returned to Nationals […]

2012 Results & Highlights

2012 was a breakthrough season for both the Nationals and for perpetual loser Teddy Roosevelt.  As the team soared to the best record in Major League Baseball, pressure grew from all corners to Let Teddy Win.  Competing players weighed in, law professors proposed legal remedies, the Orioles’ Adam Jones joined the movement, and calls for a Teddy victory […]

Nationals racing presidents at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park

The racing presidents accompanied the Washington Nationals to Pittsburgh’s PNC Park this week, marking the fifth straight year the presidents have faced off with Pittsburgh’s racing pierogies. PNC Park has never been kind to the presidents — particularly Teddy Roosevelt, who famously got leveled there by Potato Pete in 2009. Perhaps that’s why he and […]

The Phillies Fan Controversy

Yesterday was the biggest traffic day in our blog’s short history, surpassing even that notorious date in 2009 when Potato Pete leveled Teddy Roosevelt in Pittsburgh, and the way today is trending, the record may fall fast. Why all the excitement? Wednesday night’s appearance of a super-sized John F. Kennedy certainly drew a ton of […]

2009 Race Videos

Presidents Race Videos – 2009 Season Scroll below or skip to: Presidents Race Auditions, February 2009 Presidents Race on Ice Skates Tom trips in photo finish. Result reversed on replay Jefferson leads wire-to-wire on misspelled uniform night Teddy distracted by a juggling clown TJ takes down Abe Lincoln in the outfield After rain delay, Teddy […]

Teddy returns to the scene of the crime, and it’s not pretty

It’s been more than a year since the Nationals racing presidents last appeared at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park — an infamous visit in which Teddy Roosevelt became a SportsCenter highlight when Pittsburgh Pirates racing pierogie Potato Pete took Teddy down in an open field tackle that ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt called “the greatest highlight I’ve ever […]

Nats presidents to race in Vermont and Pittsburgh

The Nationals’ own racing presidents are making their furthest trip north this weekend, as they pay a visit to the team’s Short Season Single-A Affiliate, the Vermont Lake Monsters. The presidents will be racing during games held tonight through Saturday. This marks the first time the Racing Presidents have performed at Burlington’s Centennial Park. The […]