Let Teddy Win!

Video: Racing presidents push and shove to the finish line

The Nationals may be running away with the National League East, but with only eleven home games remaining, the 2012 presidents race title remains very much up for grabs, and Saturday’s contest showed that the contestants will do just about anything to gain an advantage.

As predicted, the fourth inning race shifted back to the first base side following Friday night’s loss to the Marlins, and by all accounts, it looked like a clean race to start.

But with Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln leading the pack along the right field warning track, George Washington came from behind and shoved them both into the outfield wall.

With Abe and Teddy on the ground, Washington raced toward the finish line. It looked like George would maintain his lead over a charging Thomas Jefferson, but the Sage of Monticello pushed him from behind, knocking the father of our country to the ground in front of the shocked crowd.

It seems these days like every racing president except Teddy Roosevelt will do anything it takes to win, and race judge Screech has remained hands off, having yet to disqualify any of them this season.

It should make for an interesting September.

Video courtesy YouTube member lfahome