Teddy Roosevelt costume has race fans seeing double

Teddy Roosevelt costume design - Photo by Wade ChiTeddy Roosevelt costume - Photo by Wade ChiTeddy Roosevelt costume at Nationals Park - Photo by Wade ChiEach October, readers write to ask where they can get a Teddy Roosevelt costume, and I’ve never had a good answer. Finally, Nationals fan Wade Chi took matters into his own hands.

“It took about 8 nights spread across a few weeks,” Chi told me, “[but] this
past halloween, i made a giant racing Teddy head and went around Arlington as Racing Teddy.”

Using “chicken wire, Elmers glue, newspapers, and a bunch of paint,” Chi pulled off what others only dream of.

He wanted to get a photo in his costume with the real racing Teddy Roosevelt, but Chi wasn’t sure he’d be allowed to bring the costume into Nationals Park, and couldn’t get an answer from the Nationals.

Finally, on Sunday, Chi decided to just show up and give it a try.

He was turned away by security at first, but was persistent, and a wise Nationals Park supervisor let him in. A full account can be found on his blog.

Given last weekend’s brutal heat, Chi didn’t keep the costume on for long, but he got what he wanted — a photo with the  Bull Moose himself.

Check out Chi’s full account of the building process from last October, including this time lapse video.

Photos and video: Wade Chi

Video: Teddy Roosevelt races at All Star Game Home Run Derby, clobbers Milwaukee sausage

Teddy Roosevelt race at the All Star Game HR DerbyTeddy Roosevelt race at the All Star Game HR DerbyTeddy Roosevelt race at the All Star Game HR DerbyTeddy Roosevelt race at the All Star Game HR Derby
Great Mascot Race at the All Star Game - Teddy Roosevelt Milwaukee Sausage and RelishMajor League baseball hosted an all star “Great Mascott Race” at Monday night’s Home Run Derby in Kansas City.

Among the racing mascots who passed the baton in the relay race were Nolan Ryan (Rangers Legends of Texas Race) vs. Bob the Shark (Marlins Great Sea Race), Onion (Indians Hot Dog Derby) vs. Aquafina (Rays Bottle Race), and Randy Johnson (Arizona Legends Race) vs. Relish (Royals Hot Dog Derby).

Finally, running anchor for their respective teams, were the Washington Nationals’ own racing president Teddy Roosevelt (wearing his road grays) vs. Bratwurst of the famous Milwaukee Racing Sausages.

After being handed a big lead by teammate Randy Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt had his rival sausage beaten on the anchor leg, but stopped just short of the finish line and turned to face a more tempting target.

Teddy flattened the advancing Bratwurst, drawing cheers from the 38,000 screaming fans at Kaufman Stadium, but alas, as Teddy stood over his victim in triumph, Relish knocked down Teddy.

Bratwurst got up, stumbled over the finish line, and was declared the winner.

Thanks to @gordonmack for the quick video, and to espnW’s intrepid Amanda Rykoff for sending these terrific photos instead of sleeping.

Any other videos out there? Let me know.

UPDATE: Full video from Kaufman Stadium

Video: In 103° heat, grounds crew distracts Teddy with popsicles

Presidents Race Grounds Crew with PopsiclesWashington Nationals Presidents Race Teddy Distracted by popsiclesWashington Nationals Presidents Race Teddy Distracted by popsiclesWashington Nationals Presidents Race Hawaiian ShirtsBeing a racing president could not have been the most enjoyable job Saturday at Nationals Park, with the official afternoon game time temperature  at 103°, and the grounds crew reporting that the turf itself hit 140°.

With a heat wave enveloping Washington and a code red air quality alert in effect for the region, the racing presidents attempted to cool down by wearing Hawaiian shirts in lieu of jerseys.

When the fourth inning race began, Teddy Roosevelt jumped the gun and bolted ahead of the pack, presumably trying to get back in the shade as quickly as possible.

But as Teddy raced toward the finish, the Nationals grounds crew appeared along the first base line, tantalizing Roosevelt with ice cold popsicles.

The great Bull Moose stopped dead in his tracks and dove for the icy treats, going over the rail and into the stands.

While Teddy cooled off, George, Tom and Abe caught up and raced by.

Washington took the tape to extend his lead in the season standings.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Video: On throwback night, Teddy and Abe Lincoln’s mummy pay tribute to 1924 (Founding fathers not impressed)

Thursday was throwback night at Nationals Park, as the Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants turned back the clock to commemorate the 1924 World Series between the Senators and then-New York Giants.

Abe Lincoln Washington Nationals Presidents Race MummyTeddy and Abe Lincoln Washington Nationals Presidents Race 1924

Nationals Park black and white 1924 scoreboard

The Nationals Park scoreboard video was in grainy black & white for 1924 throwback night

The Nats left no stone unturned, from the usher and grounds crew uniforms, to the organ music, to the throwback green and white scoreboard which, other than the black and white replays, appeared to be manually operated. Even former Senators P.A. announcer Charlie Brotman returned to the microphone.

And just as the Senators came from behind to steal game 7 with a walk-off on a bad hop, the Nats engineered a commemorative bad-hop walk-off of their own to sweep the series.

The only presidents race in 1924 involved Calvin Coolidge, so when the fourth inning came around, the Nationals’ presidents had to come up with a commemoration of their own.

With the scoreboard showing the live race in black & white, Abraham Lincoln emerged wrapped as a mummy in a 1924 Senators jersey, chased by Teddy Roosevelt aboard a scooter (turns out Tutankhamun’s mummy was discovered in 1924, the same year the scooter was invented).

Founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who rightfully don’t think 1924 qualifies for nostalgia, ignored the shenanigans and dashed for the finish line, with GW taking the tape by a nose, then doing the Charleston with NatPack member Katie Albisu.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

Gio Gonzalez: “Chicken Mode is my area of expertise”

Washington Nationals Rubber Chicken Man Hugh Kaufman displays his Chicken Mode T-ShirtGio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals Smile SmilingLong before pitcher Gio Gonzalez made his first start for the Washington Nationals, he spotted two fans outside the Nationals spring training complex in Viera, Florida, wearing Chicken Mode t-shirts.

Lacking any context, the phrase nonetheless spoke to the Nat’s happy-go-lucky new pitcher.

“Chicken Mode?,” Gio called out. “Yeah, we’ve got too much Beast Mode around here. We need more Chicken Mode!”

It didn’t take long for Gio to figure out that the shirts were a tribute to Nationals season ticket holder Hugh Kaufman, aka Rubber Chicken Man, who sits behind the home dugout and has has performed a number of rubber chicken sacrifices to help the team, most recently two months ago during a string of injuries.

Gonzalez asked Kaufman for a t-shirt, which Gio wore Wednesday morning for an interview with FOX 5 DC. “I always give [Hugh] a little shout out,” he told FOX 5’s Dave Ross.

“You got to be a little bit stronger to wear Beast Mode,” Gonzalez explained. “Chicken Mode is more like my area of expertise.”


Photo: Bill Menzel

Photo: Racing presidents celebrate the 4th at the White House

Washington Nationals racing presidents at the white houseOne benefit of being a former president for the summer: Security clearance.

For the second year in a row, the Nationals racing presidents joined president Barack Obama and his family for an Independence Day barbecue honoring military heroes and their families at the White House, joining other celebrities including country singer Brad Paisley (pictured).

Photo: Washington Nationals

Video: Jefferson leads the way in Nationals Independence Day tradition.

Independence Day Thomas Jefferson wins the Presidents Race at Nationals ParkJuly 4 Presidents Race - Thomas Jefferson Always Wins Declaration of IndependenceLongtime Washington Nationals fans know two universal truths about Independence Day at Nationals Park. Ryan Zimmerman will have a big day, and Thomas Jefferson will win the presidents race.

Zimmerman delivered with a homer and three RBI, making him 10 for 20 with 13 RBIs in six Independence Day games.

And for the third year in a row, founding father Thomas Jefferson, scribe of the Declaration of Independence, led the 4th inning presidents race wire to wire, carrying an American Flag all the way.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

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