Let Teddy Win!

Video: In 103° heat, grounds crew distracts Teddy with popsicles

Being a racing president could not have been the most enjoyable job Saturday at Nationals Park, with the official afternoon game time temperature  at 103°, and the grounds crew reporting that the turf itself hit 140°.

With a heat wave enveloping Washington and a code red air quality alert in effect for the region, the racing presidents attempted to cool down by wearing Hawaiian shirts in lieu of jerseys.

When the fourth inning race began, Teddy Roosevelt jumped the gun and bolted ahead of the pack, presumably trying to get back in the shade as quickly as possible.

But as Teddy raced toward the finish, the Nationals grounds crew appeared along the first base line, tantalizing Roosevelt with ice cold popsicles.

The great Bull Moose stopped dead in his tracks and dove for the icy treats, going over the rail and into the stands.

While Teddy cooled off, George, Tom and Abe caught up and raced by.

Washington took the tape to extend his lead in the season standings.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome