Let Teddy Win!

Video: In his Sunday best, Abe Lincoln returns to form

Civility ruled the day as another packed house came to watch Stephen Strasburg and the Nats put a hurt on the Baltimore Orioles on Sunday at Nationals Park.

Some were hoping to see a Teddy victory, and others just wanted to see another pummeling of the Orioles mascot, The Bird, but there were no shenanigans in store. When the fourth inning rolled around, the fans were treated to the rare gimmick-free race.

Wearing their Sunday best traditional uniforms, the Nationals racing presidents delivered on presidents race tradition, with Teddy Roosevelt taking an early lead and Abraham Lincoln turning on the afterburners to pass the field in the home stretch.

It was Honest Abe’s only win of the homestand and his first victory since May 3rd.

Photo and video courtesy YouTube member lfahome