Video: Teddy stops to look for the Shuttle Discovery

Teddy Roosevelt looks for the Space Shuttle during the Presidents Race - photo by Cheryl NicholsThe Space Shuttle Discovery’s flight to its final resting place went right over South Capital Street Tuesday morning, but Teddy Roosevelt must have missed the spectacle, because when the presidents race began just before 8:00pm at Nationals Park, Roosevelt was still looking up.

As they promised they would from time to time, the Nationals reversed the direction of the fourth-inning race, and this time, Teddy got the memo, jumping out to an early lead along the left field warning track.

But Teddy stopped shortly after the race began to look up at the skies. It was only through the prompting of PA Announcer Jerome Hruska that Teddy got back to running, but by then it was too late. In a photo finish, Jefferson edged George Washington for the win.

Photo courtesy Cheryl Nichols/DistrictSportsPage
Video courtesy YouTube member lfahome

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