Video: In his Sunday best, Teddy nearly pulls it off

Teddy Roosevent nearly wins the presidents race at Nationals ParkDressed in their traditional Sunday garb, the Nationals racing presidents ran one of the closer races of the season Sunday at Nationals Park.

Teddy Roosevelt jumped to a quick start and held off his competition into the right field corner, but Abe Lincoln beat the Rough Rider in a sprint to the finish, turning to both block and taunt him right at the finish line.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome

10 Responses

  1. Teddy’s star power isn’t enough? Now the Roughrider is embedding women’s “shampoo” ads? Btw that stuff looks like Febreze for hair. Gross. When I think of Febreze I think of dirty stinky tan carpet in a shopworn rental apartment. So, this woman’s hair smell similarly? She’s cute, but pass the Lysol! And pass Abe Lincoln. LOL.

  2. “smells similarly”

  3. Now I’m confused. Where did the shampoo commercial go? I swear I didn’t dream it up. Or did I? Where is it now? Help, Teddy, I’m going bananas!

  4. Now I’m confused. Where did the shampoo commercial go? I swear I didn’t dream it up. Or did I? Where is it now? Help, Teddy, I’m going bananas!

  5. Now I’m double posting, that’s a new and unfortunate twist. OMG, get the butterfly net for theeeeeeee.

  6. Sorry but I don’t recall any shampoo commercial

  7. I swear — not joking in any way — last Monday an embedded ad video appeared within this particular post. I assumed it was a new way of WordPress offsetting costs. The 15 or 30 second video appeared in a boxed area the same size as all your YouTube Presidents Race videos, and positioned on the page directly underneath the September 4 race video. I can’t remember the name of the product but would instantly recognize the ad.

    What struck me as so funny was, it wasn’t a “guy” ad, it was a no-water type shampoo for women: Two women were sitting at a table and one gets a call from a man who wants to meet for a date. She doesn’t have much time, so she opts for this no-water “shampoo” product. (This led to my comments about Febreze.)

    Beyond bizarre, and something to ask WordPress about!

  8. Yes, thank you. Somebody else told me that they saw an ad on my blog and I was really confused. I accept NO ADVERTISING. I sell t-shirts and other goodies, but don’t clutter the site with advertising.

    I also pay WordPress for upgraded service, so there shouldn’t be ads from them. I’m going to look into this.

  9. Well what do you know? They started doing this this year on their hosted blogs without sufficiently informing the community. The ads only appear to people who are not logged into WordPress accounts (how convenient, as that excludes all of their bloggers). They will suppress all ads if I pay them an additional $30/year. I’m steamed. It may be time for me to migrate the site…

    • So I’m officially not crazy…yessss! With all my newfound energy I think I’ll dry shampoo my carpet. Teddy’s costume is next. 🙂

      As for WordPress, their $30 annual “no ads” fee sounds like a nice little shakedown. Maybe there’s an outside community of WordPress bloggers who feel the same way and can organize. Otherwise, a new home may be a good idea.

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