Let Teddy Win!

Abe Lincoln gets back at Teddy Roosevelt on Cinco de Mayo

The day after Abraham Lincoln got slammed to the dirt in foul territory, the Great Emancipator wasn’t about to let it happen again.

For Wednesday night’s Cinco de Mayo celebration at Nationals Park, Teddy donned
a sombrero but excused himself from the 4th-inning presidents race, instead
positioning himself as a spectator along the first base line, right at the spot of the previous night’s smackdown.

It appeared that Teddy was preparing to ambush Lincoln once again, but as George, Tom, and Abe hit the home stretch, Abe and Tom aimed straight for Teddy Roosevelt and knocked him to the ground. Tom stumbled, and George broke the tape to move into a tie for first in the standings.

Video courtesy of YouTube member lfahome
Photo by Cheryl Nichols/Nats News Network