Teddy dresses as Santa for Christmas in July

Washington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt dresses as Santa Claus for Christmas in JulyIt was Christmas in July tonight at Nationals Park, with the U.S. Marines Corps Reserves on hand all weekend collecting toys for the Toys for Tots Foundation; and for a brief time, it appeared that the fans in attendance were in store for an early gift in the form of victory for Teddy Roosevelt.

But a day after Teddy failed to win even after tackling the other presidents, only the most optimistic of Teddy supporters could be convinced that the second half of the season would be different for #26.

Washington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt dresses as Santa for Christmas in JulyWashington Nationals mascot Screech provided a clue about what was in store when he appeared in a Santa Suit to take his customary place at the finish line.

When Teddy burst out of the centerfield gate in full Santa regalia, he looked unbeatable, staking a big lead as he approached the first base stands.

Unfortunately, Teddy has never been good at multitasking, and when he reached into his big red bag and began tossing Webkinz stuffed animals to the fans, the other presidents passed him by. Teddy never finished the race.

The 4th annual Toys for Tots drive continues for Saturday’s and Sunday’s games at Nationals Park. The U.S. Marines will be stationed at all gates to accept donations from gate opening until the end of the fourth inning. The toys collected will be distributed to non-profit organizations and pediatric wards in the D.C. metropolitan area.

Time for a fresh start. Let Teddy Win!

The dismissal of Manny Acta has kept Nationals bloggers busy during this All Star break, but with no presidential activity at Nationals Park all week, we’ve kept it quiet here. I try to keep LetTeddyWin about the ball park experience, saving opinions about team moves for Twitter and Facebook.

But with all the talk in NatsTown about a “fresh start” this week, it seemed appropriate to consider whether the same might be possible for Teddy Roosevelt.

At the season’s midpoint, Teddy’s streak of losses is approaching it’s 3rd anniversary. Teddy’s first loss came in a July, 2006 weekend series against the Chicago Cubs.

The Nationals’ new era starts this weekend with a new manager and the Cubs in town once again. How appropriate would it be to kick things off with a victory for Teddy?

Management is looking for a change — something to fire up the team and the fans. I say Let Teddy Win!

Homestand notes:

The Nats will be wearing red uniforms all weekend, and fans are being encouraged to “get your red on” by filling the stands with red shirts and caps.

The Washington Post is continuing the Twitter experiment it started over July 4th weekend, documenting the fan experience in real time from Nationals Park. Share your thoughts during the game, tagging your tweets with #natswp and your section #.

Finally, there are some deals to be had for the homestand. Through noon Thursday, Professionals in the City has a limited number of $10 tickets in the 200 level for Friday night’s game vs. the Cubs, and Goldstar has discounted outfield seats for Monday night’s game vs. the Mets.

Photo by Flickr user afagen

Abe abandons lead, jumps into the stands

On a beautiful 4th of July afternoon at Nationals Park, the Washington Nationals enjoyed their third consecutive Independence Day victory behind a solid outing from pitcher John Lannan and a booming 300th career homer by Adam Dunn.

Abe Lincoln jumps into standsThe come-from-behind victory gave Nationals fans plenty to cheer about, and they did, easily drowning out the usual contingent of Atlanta Braves fans who show up in DC; but Abe Lincoln’s antics during the 4th inning presidents race drove more than a few spectators to stunned silence.

After coming from behind to take the lead from Thomas Jefferson heading into the home stretch, Abe inexplicably turned and headed straight for the stands in section 134, where he climbed over the rail and waited for the presidents race to end.

It was positively Teddy-esque.

Teddy ignores Michael Jackson’s advice

Michael Jackson died just hours before the Nationals’ last home game on June 25, so Friday night was the racing presidents’ first opportunity to pay tribute to the late King of Pop.

Instead of racing to the usual stable of songs (are we done yet with “I Ran” by A Flock of Seagulls?), the Nationals racing presidents came out of the gate to the sound of “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson. Each wore black shoes and a white glove.

Unfortunately, Teddy Roosevelt failed to heed Jackson’s advice and stopped — to dance.

Thomas Jefferson waited till he got enough, running away with the contest, and then doing a moonwalk in celebration!

Teddy who?

Cristian Guzman will be batting 6th and newly acquired center fielder Nyjer Morgan takes over the leadoff spot tonight as the Washington Nationals make a brief holiday weekend stop back in DC before hitting the road again on Monday.

If many in attendance tonight are caught saying “Nyjer who?,” it will still be an improvement over last week, when local Red Sox fans flooded the Park and failed to even recognize the Nats as their home team.

As Dan Steinberg pointed out in the Bog, our U.S. Senators need to go to more Nats games:

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