Teddy Nearly Steals T-Shirt Tuesday Victory from Abe

It was free T-Shirt Tuesday tonight at Nationals Park, and the stands were filled with 10,000 Nationals fans wearing free Abe Lincoln t-shirts.

Based on the results from the previous T-Shirt Tuesdays, Abe had to be the prohibitive favorite to run away with tonight’s presidents race, but when the middle of the 4th inning arrived, it was #26 Teddy Roosevelt who jumped out to the big lead, which he extended as he rounded the warning track into the home stretch along the first base line.

But as Teddy approached the finish line, he lost his shoe, tripped and fell. Abe came charging from behind and hurdled over Teddy to claim his 24th presidents race victory this season.

George, Tom, and Abe have now all held serve on their free T-Shirt Tuesdays at Nationals Park. Unfortunately we have to wait another month for Teddy’s big night. Let’s hope his shoes are tied tight on August 12.

6 Responses

  1. It was a heartbreaker!! Teddy led almost the entire race…and then proceeded to have a “wardrobe malfunction” that cost him the race.

    August 12 can’t come fast enough!!!

  2. Oh, Teddy…

  3. I was late to the game, and missed out on the abe lincoln t-shirt giveaway.

    I almost cried like a little girl…..since I’m trying to complete the set. at the end of the game, I bought a shirt off someone, and life was good again.

    WIth the Nationals scoring as little as they do, these races are all I’ve got to watch. Is the Teddy Section 418???

  4. I’m getting tired of Abe winning all the time and then his dance while he seeks out the cameras. I even noticed last night that people booed him…

    Make Abe Lose maybe a new movement.

  5. I tell ya something’s just not right. Abe turned from being a middle-of-the-pack runner into Jesse Owens practically overnight. There should be an investigation!

  6. yes, but who would win in a fight? abe or roosevelt? abe or washington? abe or rutherford hayes? isnt that more important than a race? this website tries to answer that http://www.thewashingtonpugilist.com

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