The Nationals Presidents Race Gets Political

Today the always entertaining Washington political blogger Howard Mortman used a little digital photoshoppery to encourage his readers to visualize opening day at Nationals Stadium in April, 2009.

Middle of the 4th inning.

Once again, Teddy comes in last, embarrassing himself while losing
to Abe, George and Tom.

But who’s that new President with the big ears and winning smile?

Howard, you may have gotten just two things wrong with your prediction. One is that instead of “Nationals Stadium,” you’re more likely to be reporting from Geico Field. Two is that regardless of opponent, Teddy, with his eternally sunny outlook, does not ever appear to embarrass himself.

6 Responses

  1. You have the audacity to run down to seats that CLEARLY are not yours at the end of a TIED game, standing in front of those of us who have paid good money to see the GAME, not to see you obscure our view with your stupid Let Teddy Win signs. Peddle your crap in your own section and stay out of ours!

    I am by know means the only one with this opinion.

  2. Wow. I had no idea anybody could be offended, let alone angry. My desire is to promote fan spirit, so I really hate to think that I’ve spurred vitriol instead.

    For the record, I am a loyal season ticket holder since first pitch 2005. My seats at Nationals Park are in section 128 (“Coach” Ron’s section), and I have on 3 occasions this season moved down to empty seats in the same section in a lower row.

    Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you’ll introduce yourself the next time you see us at the park.

  3. Granted, that might have been a bit harsh but please be more considerate of those you randomly plop in front of during the game and then hold up your sign. Several of us on the 129 side of 128 missed a good play because of you.

  4. I didn’t think I ever waved a sign during a play (though I will admit to jumping up with the crowd at a the occasional exciting moment). I agree that violates all baseball fan etiquette and will be extra-cautious moving forward!

  5. Back off “We have had enough!” I have been in Section 128 before and had NO PROBLEM with Mr. Let Teddy Win. Baseball is about screaming and cheering for Lastings and Wily Mo (but not Jesus Flores, I hate that man so much.). You have to feel the game in your veins and if Mr. Let Teddy Win has a sign, thats his right. You don’t like the sign? Don’t kvetch about it on his site, politely ask him to tone the sign waving down, then leave the stadium and sit quietly on a bench and re-examine your boring life. But if you still want to see people hit balls on a green, go watch golf, cause baseball is loud, and thats how it is. I’ve sat in Suite Box many times, with rowdier fans on both sides, but you deal with it, because thats how the game is.

  6. Oh and it’s not “I am by know means the only one with this opinion.” It’s “I am by NO means the only one with this opinion.”

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