Presidents Race Standings Now in High-Definition

Now those of you who go to the Washington Nationals games at Nationals Park don’t have to rely on our standings page to track presidents race results. On Wednesday night, for the first time since the Nationals moved to their new stadium, the presidents race standings were featured on the on the centerfield wall scoreboard. For some reason, it took the Nationals a full half of the home season to bring back this tradition which we’d come to expect at RFK Stadium.

Washington Nationals presidents race standings on the outfield wall during the presidents race at Nationals ParkBetter yet, the Nationals have begun showing the current standings during the presidents race. It looks awfully cool as the presidents race by the 14-foot high out-of-town scoreboard wall. I’m sure the team figured that if you were looking for score updates from around the league during the presidents race, then you had to be a loser anyway.

New: Detailed Presidents Race Results

By popular demand, I have added detailed game-by-game results to the presidents race standings page.

When Marc Fisher of the Washington Post called this blog remarkably obsessive, he had no idea (And neither did I! You guys are keeping me on my toes).

I think it’s pretty good for a start, but fearless readers, I will undoubtedly need your help to keep it up to date. Send your stories, photos and videos after every home game!

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