Teddy’s 150th Birthday Party Photos

It’s been a busy couple of days for Nationals’ racing president Teddy Roosevelt. After running the entire Marine Corps Marathon race on Sunday, Teddy celebrated his 150th birthday with a party last night at Hudson Restaurant in DC. Patrons posed for photos with the guest of honor, who shared slices of birthday cake for everybody in attendance. Photos courtesy of Sol Tucker/Push Media Group.

Nationals' racing president Teddy Roosevelt gets the first slice of his 150th birthday cake on Monday night at DC's Hudson Restaurant.

Racing president Teddy Roosevelt gets the first slice of his 150th birthday cake from Washington Nationals ball girl Cheryl Hackley on Monday night at DC's Hudson Restaurant.

More photos from Teddy’s Marine Corps Marathon race.

A secret service escort accompanies Teddy Roosevelt in Sunday's the Marine Corps Marathon

A secret service escort accompanies Washington Nationals racing president Teddy Roosevelt in the Marine Corps Marathon. Photo courtesy of PR Peabody.

Nationals fan favorite Teddy Roosevelt among the starters Sunday morning at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  Photo courtesy of David Morse.

Nationals fan favorite Teddy Roosevelt among the starters Sunday morning at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. Photo courtesy of Tara Kohler.

Happy Birthday Teddy!

It's Teddy Roosevelt's birthday! Teddy Roosevelt turns 150 today, and while presidents race fans here in DC are busy celebrating with big-headed Teddy at Hudson restaurant, Teddy’s namesake bobblehead doll has been on the road again, taking in the World Series.

That’s right. Regular readers know I’m a fan of Phil Yabut‘s flickr photoset — Teddy Roosevelt's bobblehead doll at the World Series in Philadelphia's Citizen's Bank ParkTeddy’s Travels and Travails“, in which Phil has documented the travels of his Washington Nationals Teddy Roosevelt bobblehead doll from the 2007 season. This past weekend, bobblehead Teddy became the first member of the Nationals to make it to the World Series, taking in the late night Game 3 thriller at Citizen’s Bank Park, and waking up this morning to a birthday cake which is quite a bit larger than his head. Thanks Phil. And enjoy the Series while it lasts. The Nats’ time will be coming soon.

Teddy Roosevelt finishes the Marine Corps Marathon!

Washington Nationals mascot Teddy Roosevelt races in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DCAs reported last week, the Washington Nationals’ own beloved racing president Teddy Roosevelt did in fact enter today’s Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, and finished the race in an incredible 6:26:49. Given that the costume weighs over 40 pounds, it’s a monumental feat to have finished the race at all. Teddy apparently had to lie to enter the marathon, reporting his age as only 50, but we all know that the big Bull Moose actually turns 150 tomorrow.

Thanks to flickr member Bullneck, who has contributed photos before, for these first images from today’s marathon. And for those of you who didn’t catch the hilarious photos from Friday’s press conference, check them out over at Nats320. SBF, your tips paid off!

If anybody was ever deserving of a post-marathon celebration, it’s our favorite racing president. Expect a big crowd at Hudson for Monday night’s big 150th birthday party.

Teddy’s 150th Birthday Bash to be held Monday night at Hudson Restaurant in DC

Teddy's 150th birthday party will be Monday night at Hudson Restaurant in DC

Teddy's 150th birthday party will be Monday night at Hudson Restaurant in DC

For those of you were wondering just how you’d celebrate Teddy Roosevelt’s 150th birthday on Monday, look no further than today’s announcement via Facebook that our favorite racing president will be the guest of honor at a birthday bash at Hudson Restaurant at 21st and M Streets NW.

The party will go from 8:00pm to midnight, during the Monday Night Football and the World Series games, but Teddy Roosevelt himself will be making his appearance from 8:30 to 9:30pm, to share a complimentary slice of birthday cake with all in attendance. After running in the Marine Corp Marathon, Teddy should be ready for a good party.

Washington Nationals’ Teddy Roosevelt to Race in Marine Corp Marathon Sunday

Teddy Roosevelt will run in Sunday's Marine Corp MarathonThe Washington Nationals have announced that racing president Teddy Roosevelt will participate in the 33rd Annual Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday, October 26 at 8:00am.

Sunday’s race happens to be the day before Teddy Roosevelt’s 150th birthday, and if he completes the marathon at his typical racing speed, he might not finish until Monday’s celebration. The team notes that Teddy hopes to show everyone that it is not about winning or losing, but it is about finishing the race.

Teddy will also appear at the Marine Corps Marathon Press Conference tomorrow, Friday, October 24, in support of all race participants.

The Marine Corps Marathon start line is at Route 110 near the Arlington Memorial Bridge Overpass, at 8:00am Sunday. Bring your Teddy Rally Signs!

Teddy Roosevelt working the red carpet

An alert reader and Washington Nationals fan has pointed out that our favorite presidents race loser Teddy Roosevelt will be making a campaign stop at the “Hollywood Vibes Come to K Street” Red Carpet Charity Party on Thursday night at the Lotus Lounge on K Street in Washington, DC.

The benefit event supports the Childrens Miracle Network and other charities supported by local athletes and broadcasters including Taryne Mowatt, Sara Walsh, Doc Walker, Brian Mitchell, Chick Hernandez, and others including Washington Nationals Roger Bernadina and Joel Hanrahan. Teddy Roosevelt will be among the red carpet guest arrivals between 9:00pm and 11:00pm on Thursday night. The way things are going, it should be more entertaining than watching game 5 of the ALCS.

Keeping busy in the off-season

Another baseball post-season began today without the participation of the Washington Nationals, but racing president Teddy Roosevelt appears to be keeping himself busy throughout he election season.

I wrote in August about Phil Yabut’s Teddy Roosevelt bobblehead doll, whose travels and travails are being documented in a Flickr photoset. Since then, Teddy has continued to take in more sites, and was spotted most recently assessing presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama during the presidential debate.

Despite Phil’s allegiance to the Phillies, the set is inspired and worth checking out. The Nationals had no chance of seeing the playoffs in 2008, but perhaps Teddy’s bobblehead doll will.


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